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In Pennsylvania, criminal charges have hefty penalties that include jail or prison time. Most charges incur a fine according to the severity of the criminal act. Criminal defendants who are facing robbery charges need to understand the difference in each charge and what penalties could apply. An armed robbery law attorney in Kutztown PA helps defendants build a viable defense.

How is Armed Robbery Defined?

Robbery is considered intentional harm or the threat of bodily harm in conjunction with the demand for money, goods, or valuables. Armed robbery is the same crime, however, the perpetrator uses a weapon, such as a firearm or a knife to threaten the victim. The crime may also involve the use of physical force or assault.

How Does Robbery Differ from Theft?

Theft charges are applied according to the overall value of all items stolen. Robbery is classified according to the level or type of force used by the assailant. Theft charges are applied only if the assailant didn’t use force to obtain the items.

How is Force Defined Under State Laws?

Force is considered any action that makes the victim feel as though their life is in danger or that they could sustain serious bodily harm. It isn’t necessary for the individual to commit a violent during the commission of the crime, the threat itself is enough to apply robbery charges.

What Penalties Apply to Robbery Charges?

A first-degree armed robbery charge has a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison with fines that won’t exceed $25,000. A second-degree robbery charge has a maximum penalty of 10 years with a fine of $25,000. A third-degree charge has a maximum penalty of seven years in prison with a fine that won’t exceed $10,000.

In Pennsylvania, armed robbery charges are classified as a felony and are often more serious than some theft charges. The offense is considered violent even if a violent act wasn’t committed during the crime. Armed robbery indicates that the perpetrator used a deadly weapon during the commission of the crime. Criminal defendants who are facing the charges contact an Armed Robbery Law Attorney in Kutztown PA or visit us website for more information right now.

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