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Are You Facing Foreclosure in Fairfield, OH?

Foreclosure is a word homeowners never want to have to hear. Working hard to pay off your home only to lose it to foreclosure can be devastating for most people. While not for everyone, there is an option that can allow a homeowner to avoid losing their home to foreclosure in Fairfield, OH. Bankruptcy can allow a person to overcome the debts they owe and stop any collection activity, including the foreclosure process on their home. The sooner a person meets with the bankruptcy attorney, the better the chances of them being able to avoid foreclosure.

To find out if one is a good candidate for pursuing chapter 13 bankruptcy, a person needs to schedule a consultation appointment with the bankruptcy attorney. It is important for a person to bring in information on their mortgage and any other debts they owe. They also need to make sure they provide information on their income and any assets they own. The attorney will use this information to determine whether or not the applicant meets the requirements for filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy and avoiding foreclosure in Fairfield, OH.

If a person is approved for chapter 13, all creditors must stop any collection pursuits. This means they cannot foreclose on a home. Those who are under chapter 13 bankruptcy are required to pay their monthly bills and catch up on the payments that are past due. This is done through the court system to ensure the person is in compliance with the rules and regulations of chapter 13.

The time period given to a debtor for this type of bankruptcy will vary but averages between three and five years. During this time period, the homeowner will need to work towards catching up all mortgage payments and late fees and will need to stay current on their monthly payments so they will be current at the end of the bankruptcy period.

If you are in danger of losing your home to foreclosure, contact the office of R. Dean Snyder Attorney. He works to protect the rights of homeowners and may be able to help you avoid losing your home to foreclosure. Call his office right away to schedule your appointment.

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