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A Motorcycle Accident Law Attorney in Lancaster Helps Clients After Claim Denial or a Low Settlement Offer

Insurance companies deny paying on accident claims for a broad range of reasons. In many instances, they agree to make a payment, but that amount is much lower than the injured person believes is reasonable. When someone has been seriously injured and the claim is denied or the settlement offer is too low, that individual may need to hire a motorcycle accident law attorney in Lancaster.

An insurer may deny a claim if the injured person was driving and talking on a cell phone. However, a Motorcycle Accident Law Attorney in Lancaster reminds the insurance company that this activity is legal in Pennsylvania for drivers 18 and older, including those on a motorcycle. The insurance company may be on more solid footing if the driver had been using the text message function, since that activity is illegal while driving in this state.

Claim denial also may occur if the person originally told the insurer there was no injury. Symptoms of an injury sometimes do not appear immediately after an accident. Back or neck pain, for instance, might take several days to develop. A lawyer with a firm such as Handler, Henning and Rosenberg may be able to overcome any hesitation the insurance company has because of that original statement. The injured person will need to have a medical doctor verify the injury. The insurance company may try to insist on a definitive diagnosis through tests such as X-rays or magnetic resonance imaging, but this may not be essential. If the insurer believes the individual was hurt in a different incident after the accident, an expert witness might be necessary to counteract this idea.

The insurer may use previous medical history against the claimant. If the person develops back pain, for example, any previous visits to an osteopath, chiropractor or massage therapist to treat back pain may be presented as evidence of a pre-existing condition. Some insurance companies even use previous mental health issues as reasons for claim denial, as though a history of emotional problems signifies mental instability and deceptive behavior. Anyone dealing with insurance claim denial or a low settlement offer may visit a website such as domain URL to schedule a free consultation.

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