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For some individuals charged with driving while impaired or driving under the influence, the main fear is losing their driver’s license for any length of time. They can afford the fine and the hike in automotive insurance rates, and they know that most first offenders spend little, if any, time in jail. A DWI lawyer in Queens County, NY will make sure this client is still able to drive at least some of the time after a conviction.

Conditional Licenses

Conditional licenses allow people convicted of these offenses to drive during certain times of the day in certain locations. Although public transport and taxi service are available in this area, commuting to work isn’t necessarily the only concern. A person may need the license to transport children to daycare or school, or to other locations. Without this option, the parent may be at serious risk of losing custody to the other parent, at least temporarily.

Acceptable Reasons for a Conditional License

The conditional license is primarily intended to allow people to get to and from work if they have no other way of doing so. A judge, however, may approve the license if the person can prove there would be a substantial hardship in another aspect of life without being able to drive on a limited basis. That can include transporting children, getting medical or psychological treatment, or attending meetings with a probation officer. An attorney with an organization such as The Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini, III can represent the client in this hearing.


To qualify for this license, the individual must attend a drinking driver program that qualifies for Department of Motor Vehicles approval. It must be understood that being allowed to drive is a privilege that can be taken away or restricted when someone commits certain offenses. Reclaiming that privilege will require taking specific steps, including staying out of any legal trouble until the suspension can be lifted. A DWI lawyer in Queens County, NY can help the client with applying for the conditional license and applying to have their regular license reinstated. Anyone who needs this type of legal assistance can visit the website to get started.

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